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Your condo association probably insures your building and the common areas, but protecting against damage inside your unit or covering the loss of your personal possessions is usually your responsibility.


And what happens if you or your guest gets injured?


That’s where Condo Insurance from comes in.


Talk to us for personal advice about condo coverage that is right for you.


We’ll help to make sure you’re properly covered.

  • What is condo insurance?
    Condo insurance covers most of what your condo association master policy doesn't. You'll definatly need to provide your own coverage for your personal belongings. You'll likely need additional coverage for any improvements are remodel work you've done inside your condo unit.
  • Which psrt of my condo am I responsible for?
    You're usally responsible for what's inside your condo unit, including your personal belongings, appliances, light fixtures, bathtubs, toilet, sinks, walls and floors.
  • Who insures the pool, tennis courts and function hall?"
    Shared buildings and common areas are usally covered by your condo association master policy.
  • Do I get a discount for having a burglar alarm?
    Yes, you get a discount for having a burglar alarm.
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